Our company is a professional company which produces the electronic, pneumatic industry heavy-calibre automatic instrument valve, Established in 1976, it was the professional company that original electromechanical departments produced the valve by fixed position. There are more than 70 varieties, 900 products planting more specifications now, apply to industrial departments, such as metallurgy, cement, mine, petrochemical industry, electric power,etc. extensively, Find a good sale in more than 20 provinces in the whole country( the city, autonomous region), bear the related production tasks of the complete sets of a lot of construction projects in the country, About 30% produces in Asian-Africa country every year.

  The technical force of our company is rich, the production technology is advanced, technical equipment, new product development ability belong to the domestic front row of the same trade , Have already possessed the production capacity of processing 4500 mm heavy-calibre valves in diameter at present.

  Our company had been named abode by the contract and keep credit in the enterprise by the municipal government for 15 years in succession since 1984, Been named lacking in AAA a grade of standing enterprise by the agricultural bank in the province for 7 years in succession, has obtained the title of best enterprise of Zhejiang Province trade for 4 years in succession . Enterprise standardization, measure , and imports and exports of Zhejiang Province item quality guarantee professional valve production licences that the production licence has obtained cards total quality control, And through ISO 9001 quality system authentication book, in order to let the masses of users rest assured even more in December of 1998, Satisfied, our company add employer's organization 25 a of units initiate machine who carries out the whole country product quality that return extremely promise the activity also, Have put out and promise to make and serve.

  Enterprise aim: Look for the truth and be practical, pioneer and invent


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